Saturday, February 5, 2011

New stuff :: multiple earrings with music notes

Candide, the multiple earrings proved to be very popular, so we decided to offer new one. They contain 15 various earrings and you can choice and combine as you like. We wish you will enjoy fitting them.

:+*R*+: Etude Pierced Earrings

* 15 earrings capable (9 hoops and 6 studs)
* Each earring is resizable separately
* Each earring is adjustable separately
* Each earring is removable
* Fullbright on and off
* Copy only

:+*R*+: Etude Pierced Earrings All Earrings

Please read the included manual first.

And we intend to gift the new stuff to 10 winners who are selected from the members. The winners are come out at the notice of our update group. About the criterion for selection, please refer gift page.